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Women’s Refuges

– Part 1 – Be Grateful for What You’re Given ~ Introduction ~ I see a lot of comments online about refuges and how they’ve all been trans inclusive, on the basis of self identification, for decades, without incident. These are almost entirely people speaking speculatively, who have never had to access a refuge. TheyContinue reading “Women’s Refuges”

Hijacking Sarah

So, I don’t want to get into naming names – partly as this rhetoric is everywhere right now – but I just saw one WordPress account railing against the ‘TERFs’, saying it’s pathetic some women have spoken of feeling unsafe at the Sarah Everard vigil, after Sisters Uncut arrived with their chanting, banners and postersContinue reading “Hijacking Sarah”

TERF Out The Bullshit

I’m fascinated in the emergence of TERF as the ultimate nemesis of trans rights activists. It’s an interesting level of infamy for feminists, and even if you do see TERFs as bigots, bigots are not normally given particular subdivisions. Why the fear, hate, suspicion? Are TERFs the murderers and thugs who we are told blightContinue reading “TERF Out The Bullshit”

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